How it Works

At we have formulated a product that will fix the annoying minor roof leak in just a few, easy-to-follow steps. We have all experienced the frustration in trying to find a reliable repair specialist to fix a problem quickly and for an affordable price. Or if you try to do it yourself, you’ll go to the store or order off line, and the color from the kit just doesn’t match. That is where we come in, helping you save thousands while providing a virtually seamless repair. We make it as easy as choosing from one of our standard roof colors or submitting a picture of your roof color to our website and following the provided steps. We have provided a video showing just how easy it is, just watch for yourself!

Your kit will arrive in 5 pound plastic bags of colored roof rocks that are formulated to match the color of your roof. We do not send the product pre mixed to allow for you to adjust the color slightly to acquire the exact match, since digital pictures are not perfect. You simply mix the product until the shade perfectly matches the shade of your roof color. The kit will also include a dry wall pan, three cans of Rust-oleum Leak Seal– two black and one clear.

The process goes as follows: Take half of the dry roof rock mixture, and mix thoroughly. If this does not exactly match the color of your roof, continue to add more of the colors to achieve the color needed. Add one coat of black Rust-oleum Leak Seal to the damaged area to seal, this will take about 30 minutes to dry. Use the drywall pan to catch excess rocks to use again. Add an additional black coat followed by a layer of the rock mixture (due to the dust in the mixture the color will vary slightly, but after exposure to water, it will darken.) Next, use a brush to remove the excess rock before adding the final clear coat. Lastly, apply a clear coat followed by an additional layer of rocks to fully hide the patchwork. Done!

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color match roof repair

color match roof repai

color match roof repai