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You can either choose from the standard images that we provide: White, Gray, Black, Green, or Red.
Or, if your roof isn’t one of the standard options, you will want to take clear, high quality digital pictures of your roof in JPEG format. Although many cell phones have digital cameras we've found that they don't always capture the clearest images with the correct white balance. Please use a point-and-shoot camera, with good lighting. Or, you can also select from our standard roof images below.
Product Example

Product Example

Product Example

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Choose the number of kits.


With the purchase of a single roof repair kit you will receive:

-2 Cans of black Rust-Oleum Flexible Rubber Coating
-1 Can of clear Rust-Oleum Flexible Rubber Coating
-1 Five pound bag of colored roof rocks
-1 Drywall pan

*One kit will cover approximately 8 square feet

Each Kit: $79.95

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color match roof repair

color match roof repai

color match roof repai